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I Hear Laugh Tracks

Sorting it all out. . .

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I’m Dani and this is my blog, I Hear Laugh Tracks.

This is a new medium for me. Sure I love to read blogs and I’ll slowly be creating a list of my favorites to share with you but as of this moment I’ve never created one of my own. At first I’m sure it will be a little clumsy and without all the fancy gadgets but I hope it will be honest and entertaining.

If you come here looking for a poem or political arguement you’ll be sorely disappointed. In the beginning this blog will merely be a running dialogue of life within the Stone household starring myself, husband Doug (The Colonel) , son Jacob and daughter Katie. Childbirth and endless SpongeBob Squarepants episodes have zapped my resources, particularly memory, so I’m collecting these stories as blackmail for my children. I’ll need an arsenal when they hit puberty.

I’m also using this blog as a way to create attention and awareness for Vein of Galen Malformation, a pesky rare brain disorder our daughter was born and has battled hard since 2006. With the help of some damn fine doctors in New York, we’ve finally got it under control. More on that later.

Why, “I Hear Laugh Tracks?” Because I’m a standup comedian in my own mind. During some of my darkest hours (standing cribside in a New York City ICU) this quirk has helped me find light on the other side.
Maybe you’ll find a giggle or two here as well.

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