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Sleigh Read Tour and a Delicious Coffee-Fueled Contest!

What is it about winter time that turns me in to a hopeless romantic?

It certainly isn’t the temperature. I detest it. When the first cold snap hits in mid-October I swear I won’t be warm again until May. Then I spend the rest of the season bundled up in layers of clothing and wear my electric blanket as a cape, moving from room to room with the little electrical cord dragging behind me.

Then there’s the cold and flu season. An entire season dedicated to coughing, sneezing and the dreaded snot-snuck. I’m woozy just thinking about it. Phlegm noises make me irritable and I tend to shout irrational things like, “Blow your nose or I will come use the baby snot-sucky-thingy on you, I don’t care if you are 46 years old.”

Yet here I am, ready to launch another romantic winter tale, Next Left.

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Sleigh Ride Anthology – My First Published Story, Y’all

A few months ago I was approached by friend and author Malena Lott about possibly contributing a story to the first anthology offered up by her new press and promo service, Buzz Books USA. At the time I thanked her, then politely declined because I didn’t have a story in mind and with my hectic life, didn’t think I’d have time to write it anyway.

Then, one dark and story night. . . I kid. Actually it was a busy Saturday morning and I think I was busy folding tiny laundry for the children. AnyWHO, an idea began to take shape and the more I thought about it the more I was convinced I might have an entertaining little winter story rattling around my brain.

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