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2nd Annual Pumpkin-Pummel

Sir Taco Of Bellshire profiles with a pumpkin, pre-pummeling

Last year, my little family discovered the sheer joy of post-Halloween pumpkin destruction. It’s exhilarating, it’s cathartic and when it’s 65 degrees like it was this afternoon, it’s some pretty sweet family fun.

When Jack-o-lantern mouths begin to pucker and pumpkin skin starts to wrinkle, don’t just throw them away, grab a handful of tools and head to the backyard. Warning: If you live with a Bob-Villa-type, like I do, your tool choices will be limited because evidently, *animated air quotes* “these are important tools, they are used to fix things and pumpkin guts will get them sticky. . . . and blah blah blah.” And YES, I WAS doing my Dougie voice just then.

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