Dani Stone

I Hear Laugh Tracks


Welcome To Holland/Mother’s Day

Yesterday I spent some time talking to a father about the struggles both our daughters (also both Kaitlynns/Katelyns) have faced since birth. My Katie with VOGM, his Katie with Down Syndrome. As we shared stories about these brave girls he quoted a portion of the “Welcome To Holland” essay. I’d never heard it but just the idea made me weepy. When I got home I scoured the internets to find the complete version. (below)

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Sock Puppets and Skill Sets

This weekend my daughter saw a sock puppet on an old episode of Blues Clues and immediately wanted to make one herself. I knew this would require my supervision because if left to her own devices, she would dance and prance around with a sewing needle and no one needs that kind of stress.

She was a very patient little seamstress and took great care in picking out the perfect button eyes. After I got them started and gave her a little instruction, she had a great time sewing them on, then giggled as I decided to cut up an old scarf to add hair.  After we were finished she hugged the puppet, named it, “Socka,” and walked away announcing over her shoulder, “it sure would be nice if Socka had a friend.” That child knows how to work me.

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