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2nd Annual Pumpkin-Pummel

Sir Taco Of Bellshire profiles with a pumpkin, pre-pummeling

Last year, my little family discovered the sheer joy of post-Halloween pumpkin destruction. It’s exhilarating, it’s cathartic and when it’s 65 degrees like it was this afternoon, it’s some pretty sweet family fun.

When Jack-o-lantern mouths begin to pucker and pumpkin skin starts to wrinkle, don’t just throw them away, grab a handful of tools and head to the backyard. Warning: If you live with a Bob-Villa-type, like I do, your tool choices will be limited because evidently, *animated air quotes* “these are important tools, they are used to fix things and pumpkin guts will get them sticky. . . . and blah blah blah.” And YES, I WAS doing my Dougie voice just then.

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Smashing Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving at Stone Casa is a big deal.  The kids help design the pumpkin face and then Dougie meticulously carves, colors and even adds felt eyeballs.  The pumpkins stand sentry on the front porch, welcoming trick or treaters and adding the perfect fall touch. Unfortunately, pumpkins don’t stay lookin fresh and spiffy for long. Their little faces start to sag.

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