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PuffCorn Candy Recipe – Be a Hit With the Family and Cubicle City

Over the Christmas holiday my neighbor brought over a tray of decorated sugar cookies and other goodies.  It’s not uncommon for her to bring us a little sample of her holiday treats.  One Halloween while Doug was taking the kids trick-or-treating and I was manning the door she stopped by with four popcorn balls, one for each person in our family.  I’d never eaten anything so ridiculously yummy.  By the time Doug returned with the kids I had eaten every last one.  Don’t judge. Besides, at the time, Katie was just a month old and you can’t give an infant popcorn so really, I was being a responsible parent.

This year among the cookies there was also a little bag of something that looked like cereal, only bigger.  Dougie was the first one in the bag and after munching a handful he declared, “OMG this is total crack. Get over here and try some of this.”  My friend, Gigi, was visiting from Springfield and we agreed that indeed, “OMG it WAS total crack.”  We couldn’t put our finger on the key ingredient.  Now we know.  PUFFCORN!

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