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Sleigh Ride Anthology – My First Published Story, Y’all

A few months ago I was approached by friend and author Malena Lott about possibly contributing a story to the first anthology offered up by her new press and promo service, Buzz Books USA. At the time I thanked her, then politely declined because I didn’t have a story in mind and with my hectic life, didn’t think I’d have time to write it anyway.

Then, one dark and story night. . . I kid. Actually it was a busy Saturday morning and I think I was busy folding tiny laundry for the children. AnyWHO, an idea began to take shape and the more I thought about it the more I was convinced I might have an entertaining little winter story rattling around my brain.

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Goodbye, Borders. I’m Sorry My Fiscal Responsibility Ruined You.

Borders – NewMarket Square

Ohhhh, Borders. Say it aint so. Say it aint so, Buddy. You’re closing? Really and for truly? Heart. Broken.

I heard grumblings on the Twitter about Borders closing all their stores. I saw a blurb about it in the newspaper. I even got an email from the CEO of Borders, Mike Edwards, titled, “A Fond Farewell” and yet I still didn’t think it was true. When the dreamy Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News ran a story about it, however, well, damn it, then I had to believe.

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Meeting Beth Hoffman

Last week I met up with a group of my ladies and we headed to Watermark Books.  The plan was to hear a popular writer speak about one of my favorite books while we shared some laughs and tried not to annoy the other patrons with our cackling.  I got more than I bargained for.

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