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Lucy’s Love Drop Party

Lucy and Tracy with J$ and Nate

It’s no secret how much I adore the people from Love Drop. If you’re not familiar with them, then you must be new here because they’re all I’ve been talking about for the past two months. Love Drop is the micro-giving site dedicated to helping one new family or person per month.

Last month they sponsored my sister, Lucy, who’s battling a rare blood disorder, Aplastic Anemia. Last weekend I met the founders of the site, Nate St. Pierre and a man I know simply as J-Money. They stopped by our Love Drop going away party to wish Lucy well as she embarks on a 3-month journey to Omaha Nebraska where she will receive chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and start kicking this disease straight in the junk. Sorry, that wasn’t very ladylike. WELL, neither is this stupid disease.

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Lucy Receives A Love Drop

I’ve started this post five times in two weeks. It’s been sitting here in the “draft” pile looking at me, waiting to be finished. Every time I start to type, the tears come.

I mean, just look at this face.

This is my baby sister, Lucy Gordon. There are 11 years between us and even though I know she’s a grown woman, it’s hard for me to think of her that way. I’m not quite old enough to be her mama, but 11 years is a big difference and at times I’ve felt more like a parent than a sibling. Out of the five of us she’s the most laid back, most upbeat and most calm, but the two of us might be tied for most emotional.

When Lucy was a little girl I took her to see the original Home Alone movie. To this day I remember how she laughed, hysterically, through the whole thing, till the credits rolled at the end. Lucy is the epitome of joy. It’s the way she’s always been. She loves to laugh and when she does, you can’t help but join in.

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Be A Hero For Lucy At Heroes Sports Bar

You’re Invited!

As many of you know, my youngest sister, Lucy, is battling a blood disorder so rare, it strikes 3 in one million, Aplastic Anemia. She’s currently in the hospital after recently undergoing immunosuppressant therapy and there’s a good chance she will need a bone marrow transplant in the next few weeks. Thankfully, our sister Tracy was tested and found to be a positive bone marrow match. Wonder Twin powers. . . activate!

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