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Sleigh Ride, Flash Mob and a Victory Shot!

I have this list. A list of special events in my life that made me feel like the happiest gal in the world.  Currently, the list includes my college graduation, marriage to Dougie, birth of my children, and the day Oreo announced a new line of Double Stuff cookies. You know, the important things. Sunday, December 4th, 2011 is now included on this auspicious list because it was the day I got to have my first book signing. *squeal*

Earlier this year I found out my short story, “No Place Like Home” would be included in the winter anthology, Sleigh Ride. The book is a compilation of stories from 7 authors including 4 previously published and 3 newbies. It was the brainchild of friend and author, Malena Lott and the debut book for her indie publishing site, Buzz Books, USA.

I wrote the story, agonized over the editing process, kissed it, and sent it on its way.

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Sleigh Ride Anthology – My First Published Story, Y’all

A few months ago I was approached by friend and author Malena Lott about possibly contributing a story to the first anthology offered up by her new press and promo service, Buzz Books USA. At the time I thanked her, then politely declined because I didn’t have a story in mind and with my hectic life, didn’t think I’d have time to write it anyway.

Then, one dark and story night. . . I kid. Actually it was a busy Saturday morning and I think I was busy folding tiny laundry for the children. AnyWHO, an idea began to take shape and the more I thought about it the more I was convinced I might have an entertaining little winter story rattling around my brain.

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