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Kansas Women Bloggers and Next Left Summer Cover

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To say the last two months have been crazy would be an understatement.

This post is not so much a new epiphany of thoughts and feelings or even a cute post about my children or my Dougie, though, come on, seriously, how adorable is this little Girl Scout?

katie dog n shakeOr this birthday boy whom we bribed to wear the sombrero even though he felt like a, “lumping idiot.” Lumping is his new boundary-pushing curse word. I find myself saying it now. Quality parenting. 2013-04-03_17-57-18_470

Or these three precious faces snuggling on Saturday morning. You know what they say, “the family who plays WordFeud, Pokemon and Fruit Ninja together, stays together.”

fam electronics crop

Nope, this post is actually a recap of goodness, the introduction to a new blogging community and a chance to show you the new summer cover of my e-book, Next Left.

Kansas Women Bloggers

Recently Kansas was added to the growing network of, The Women Bloggers. The site is aptly titled, “Kansas Women Bloggers.” Do you see what they did there? The founder is a powerhouse who realized how popular blogging/networking has become and decided each state should have their own branch. The Kansas site is run by two fabulous, savvy women, Erin O’Donnell and Cat Poland. If you’re a blogger in the Kansas area and want to be included in this sexy group of Midwestern prairie princesses, give them a shout.

This month I’m proud to be named the Kansas Women Bloggers inaugural Blogger of the Month. This month’s theme: Making the world a better place to be and to blog.

Here’s a recap (and links to) the three posts they generously let me contribute:

CROWD SURFING FOR A CAUSE – For my first post, I dove right in and talked about Katie’s battle with Vein of Galen Malformation (VOGM ) –  of course I did – because I never miss an opportunity to pay it forward and raise awareness about this rare and cruel disorder. I also share a recent story of hope on the VOGM front that made national news. Click HERE to read the post.

LONELY NO MORE – A lighthearted look at how finding your tribe online is so important and how the interwebs have taken activism to a whole, nuthah level. Click HERE to read more.

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER REHEARSAL: THE EMOTIONAL UNDRESSING: In case you haven’t heard me yammer on and on about it, I’m excited to be part of the Listen To Your Mother show in Kansas City this year. A few days ago I trekked to KC and got to meet my fellow cast mates in the flesh. After a few nervous hellos, BOOM, there we were, reading our pieces aloud in front of each other for the first time. I’m awe-struck by their strength and talent. This post is a brief description of our first meeting. I also get to write the line, “angry mustachioed little person,” which still cracks me up and is not a description of any of my cast mates.  Click HERE.

My turn. WTF? Which literally translates to, "why the face?"

My turn. WTF? Which literally translates to, “why the face?”

Finally – Remember that e-book I wrote in November titled, Next Left? Since this is wedding season, my fun little romance just received a fresh new summer cover from my publisher, Buzz Books. I love it. I had so much fun with these characters, I’m currently working on the sequel.


Shameless plug. NEXT LEFT is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Don’t want to part with your $1.99 till you know more about it? That’s cool. I can tell you’re a cheapskate savvy shopper. Click HERE to read a free excerpt.

One thought on “Kansas Women Bloggers and Next Left Summer Cover

  1. Love the pic of the family in bed on their various devices. Send it to the Smithsonian as a sign of our time.

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