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Mini Book Club – The Man From Primrose Lane


Spoilers! There WILL be spoilers here!

Today over at Booky Goodness, I’m reviewing a new twisty novel by James Renner, I was so adamant about people not leaving comments over THERE that might ruin the reading experience that I’ve created this post as sort of a mini book club.

If you haven’t read it but think you might want to, look away. Look away now before it’s too late.

If you HAVE read it, oooooh, let’s chat!

Did you like it? Did you figure out who the mitten man was before the author told you? Did you get to the part about the frog man and think the author had lost his mind? Did you get to the part about time travel and skim the technical stuff because “science is hard?”

This is mini book club and we’re all friends here. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

3 thoughts on “Mini Book Club – The Man From Primrose Lane

  1. OMG! LOVED this book. I swear to you, when I started it, I had NO idea it would go all sci-fi! But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t thrill me. I saw none of this coming. I thought Katy would be Elaine. I had no idea what the frog-man was until it was explained. At every single turn, this book left me guessing and it was marvelous! The pedophile stuff was creepy and nauseating, but it wasn’t graphic (thank God). I thought that the little boy was going to end up being the abductor/killer. I’m glad I was wrong about that.

    The idea of time travel and parallel universes is fascinating to me and I think James Renner did a great job of explaining things without making it so technical that I couldn’t understand it.

  2. Andrea! Thank you for recommending this AND for not letting on about the time-travel business. It would have changed the entire way I felt about the book going in to it.

    I really thought the pedophile references would give me nightmares or stop me from reading further but the author seemed to know just how far he could push it. Or maybe I just have tougher skin than I thought. 😉

    Introducing the frog man so early in the book was GENIUS. It was the first hint that you’re about to enter the Twilight Zone but you still don’t know how you’re going to get there.

    Yes, at one point I thought Katy was Elaine and also had a fleeting moment at the end where I thought Tanner would be the killer.

    Can’t wait to read more comments!

  3. i really enjoyed the novel, loved it, but i found the narrative shifts in time tricky, i still don’t know who or why ‘the man from primrose hills fingers were put in a blender’ but i understood the general plot and loved the style. the cat idea was very freaky, and i took beezle to be the demon ‘beezlebub’ which gives it an occult horror type of dimension.
    it was a very clever book, a brilliant first novel and i hope he writes a sequel.

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