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Lucy Receives A Love Drop

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I’ve started this post five times in two weeks. It’s been sitting here in the “draft” pile looking at me, waiting to be finished. Every time I start to type, the tears come.

I mean, just look at this face.

This is my baby sister, Lucy Gordon. There are 11 years between us and even though I know she’s a grown woman, it’s hard for me to think of her that way. I’m not quite old enough to be her mama, but 11 years is a big difference and at times I’ve felt more like a parent than a sibling. Out of the five of us she’s the most laid back, most upbeat and most calm, but the two of us might be tied for most emotional.

When Lucy was a little girl I took her to see the original Home Alone movie. To this day I remember how she laughed, hysterically, through the whole thing, till the credits rolled at the end. Lucy is the epitome of joy. It’s the way she’s always been. She loves to laugh and when she does, you can’t help but join in.

This year has been a challenge but she’s still smiling. Currently battling Aplastic Anemia, a rare blood disorder, Lucy is enjoying a brief respite from the hospital, spending time with friends and sleeping in her own bed. Soon, she’ll be traveling to Nebraska where she will undergo chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant to fight this disease. Thankfully, our sister, Tracy was deemed a match, increasing her chances greatly.

I’m angry. Aplastic Anemia is rare. Only 3 in one million people will be the unlucky recipients. It has already stolen so much from her including a year of her life, as well as her beloved position as a phlebotomist with the American Red Cross. Yes, we’re aware of the irony. With those odds, why couldn’t she be a lottery winner instead?

BFFs – Aaron Eveland, Megan Lewis and Ariane Kitchell

In an effort to raise money for her overwhelming insurance costs and future medical bills, our family and her best friends (extended members of our family, really) have teamed up to sell pink “LIVE LOVE LAUGH” wristbands. We sell them on Twitter and Facebook, we’ve parked ourselves at Heroes Sports Bar, sweated it out at PrideFest, and in the coolest sales move ever, friend, Aaron Eveland typically sells them right off his wrist.

We’ve seen an abundance of kindness and support from Wichita, as well as Kansas City, where a chance meeting led Tracy to Love Drop. *angels sing*

Love Drop was founded earlier this year based on the belief that the world can be a community and come together to help others. Each month Love Drop chooses one person or family to assist and all month, any donations through Love Drop members or one time donors go to that month’s recipient. This month, LUCY IS THE RECIPIENT!

Dennis Hildebrand and Mary Montavon

Recently the uber-cool Storytellers from Love Drop, Dennis Hildebrand and Mary Montavon (pictured) visited Lucy at St. Francis Hospital where they filmed her as she discussed her battle with Aplastic Anemia and upcoming bone marrow transplant. Family and friends were also interviewed. The first video in a series is currently posted. You should go watch, then tell a friend to watch. If you do, you’ll make the baby Jesus smile and your karma points will skyrocket! It’s moving, it’s poignant and it’s real.

  Click here for Love Drop/Lucy Story

After watching the video if you feel compelled to donate, we’re humbled and grateful. If you’d like to send a card or note to cheer Lucy up while she’s fighting and recovering in Nebraska, you’ll find an address to do that. If you’d like to pass Lucy’s story along to someone else, we appreciate it. If you send up a prayer for our sweet Lu, we thank you.

Lucy is the most loved person I’ve ever met. Her family and friends adore her. I adore her. And here is where I try not to break down in ugly snotty-faced crying. In spite of all this, in spite of what’s to come, I know Lucy will continue to smile and laugh so that’s what we have to remember to do, every day.

Please keep Lucy in your thoughts and pass along the Love Drop goodness.  Thank you!

Live. Love. Laugh. LUCY.

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