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Congratulations – Erin and Jason!

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Watch it, now!

Right now my brother is on a beach in Florida ordering drinks with umbrellas, generously tipping the wait staff and admiring his new bride. On Friday, May 20th he married his best friend and mother of his 2-year-old son, Lucas.  Right now, I bet my brother is grinning ear to ear.

Two days later I’m still thinking about that night. People who attended the ceremony witnessed all the traditional elements of a well-planned wedding including a smartly-dressed wedding party, pretty cake adorned with gems and pearls, flower girls throwing petals for the bride and a toddling ring bearer who would’ve wandered aimlessly were it not for the junior ring bearer in charge of wrangling him. The wedding of Erin and Jason Gordon was stunning.

It was also one of the warmest, sweetest, loving-est celebrations I’ve ever been a part of. The room radiated with overwhelming love for this couple and their son.

Lucas and Erin

The bride and groom, who looked as if they’d jumped right off the cover of Modern Bride, couldn’t take their eyes off each other. And though it may sound corny I’m just gonna say it, it was a bubble of happy and we were all floating along together.

Jason and Erin. First Dance

After the vows were recited, the rings exchanged and the champagne cork “finally” popped across the room. . .


we took a cue from Kevin Bacon in Footloose and we danced.

Maddi, Katie and Addison

And danced. . . .  

And air-guitared. . . .       and danced. . . .    

and danced. . .

Katie, possibly flashing baby gang signs.

 and posed for cheese-tastic pictures. . . .

My Daddy!

Tracy Lynn and baby Ava

more smiling. . . more pictures. . .  

Finally it was time say goodbye. Exhausted, happy, teary-eyed and full of cake. YES! Cake!


I had the pleasure of giving a toast to the bride and groom. On the days leading up to the ceremony, every time I tried to write it, I broke down in a puddle of tears. ‘Cause y’all, the groom was not only my brother, he’s my buddy and that kind of emotion is hard to put in to words. Especially when those words will have to be read to an audience under a white-hot spotlight while grasping a glass of champagne and holding back ugly-face tears. That’s a lot of pressure. So instead of waxing poetic about how much he means to me (he knows anyway) I decided to go with the tried and true formula for good wedding toasts: One part embarrassing childhood story, one part funny anecdote, one part mushy goodness.

Erin and Jason – May 20th, 2011:

On September 22nd, 1973 my brother, Jason was born. Mom tells the story that when I heard the new baby was a boy I threw my first Diva fit and told her, “don’t even bring him home.” But after I saw him, my heart melted. And I only let him fall off the couch and hit his head once. . . on accident. . . I swear.

 God sent me a playmate. Over the years he would send me three more playmates in Missie, Tracy and Lucy but Jason was the first.  I was his BFF, his confidante and for awhile I was even his interpreter when people, including our father, would summon me to ask, “DaniMichelle, what IS he saying?

 Over the years we were inseparable. I rode my bike, he rode his big wheel. I played with the McDonaldLand playhouse, he played with his Weebles, I played with my Barbies, he…undressed the Barbies and hung them from doorknobs. DUDE, why were you always undressing the Barbies? Erin, don’t worry, that was a brief phase he went through, I’m sure it has no effect on his personality today. He also took great joy in making me laugh so hard that food would fly out of my nose. Lemon meringue pie is a particularly messy memory.

 When times got rough, and they did, I was the calm in the storm.

As we grew up we drifted, but never apart.

Today I take great joy in poking fun at the boy Jason used to be, while beaming with pride at the man and father he’s become.

Erin, you’ve attended your fair share of parties and cookouts over the years so by now I hope you know what you’re getting yourself in to. This family is big and loud but we’ve got love to spare and we’re so happy to make you an official Gordon. We love you so much and thank you for bringing Lucas in to our lives.

Erin, even though the two of you have been together for years, I feel like I’m officially passing the torch to you tonight. Jason and I will always be close but now you’re the BFF, you’re the confidante, you’re the playmate and you’re certainly the calm in the storm.

 They say if you marry your best friend you’ll never be lonely. Jason and Erin, it’s easy to see how well you get along and how perfectly you fit together. As the years go by, my wish for you is this: May God bring you more children, *look at the couple with raised eyebrows* good health, long life and even a little lemon meringue pie out the nose every once in awhile, ‘cause that’s the good stuff.

Congratulations.  Love you.

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