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Be A Hero For Lucy At Heroes Sports Bar

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You’re Invited!

As many of you know, my youngest sister, Lucy, is battling a blood disorder so rare, it strikes 3 in one million, Aplastic Anemia. She’s currently in the hospital after recently undergoing immunosuppressant therapy and there’s a good chance she will need a bone marrow transplant in the next few weeks. Thankfully, our sister Tracy was tested and found to be a positive bone marrow match. Wonder Twin powers. . . activate!

Now we want to help Lucy raise money for her extensive medical care.

Our family is selling hot pink “LIVE LOVE LAUGH” bracelets for $2.00.

Wednesday, March 16th

11:30 – 6:00

Heroes Sports Bar & Grill  (117 N. Mosley – Oldtown)

Look for us by the VICTORY sign.  Come by, say hi and be a hero for Lucy at Heroes!


One thought on “Be A Hero For Lucy At Heroes Sports Bar

  1. Perfect! I need to go to First Gear on Wednesday. I’ll see you around noonish.

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