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Boom Box T-Shirt

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Sooo my son has this shirt. . . .

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably heard about this T-shirt.  Ever since we bought it at Dillards, almost a year ago, Jacob has worn it at least once a week.  Sometimes I have to forbid it from being worn because I don’t want his teacher to think he’s some poor urchin child with only a handful of clothes.  What’s so special about it?  Well, it has a picture of a boom box on it.  No, I dont mean a radio, I mean a classic 1986 boom box complete with cassette player, large tuner buttons and huge speakers. When he wears it, he pretends to play it.

Jakie is a noise maker.  Both children are, really.  He sings, hums, does a spot-on imitation of an air gun and….well, beat boxes. When he first started making all the “pops” “hisses” and other “mouth-noises”  with the shirt, I’m not sure I realized “exactly” what he was doing.  To me it was white noise, sounds that fill my home constantly.  Then one day he did a little one-man show for me complete with Michael Jackson song and a few “Thriller” moves thrown in for good measure.  He was great!!  I was floored, and relieved that he failed to include the MJ signature move, the crotch crab.

I realize beat-boxing hit its peak in the late 80’s and I don’t expect it to make a comeback.  I’m aware that he probably will not be able to use this skill on a Harvard application, still, it was an important reminder to me that I need to pay more attention.  As parents we can get so caught up in the day to day dinner-making, house cleaning and homework-wrangling that we forget to “really” look at our kids and appreciate the teeny details.

Evidently I’m not skilled enough to embed this YouTube video in to this post *rolls eyes* but if you have a little over a minute, go take a look and YES, he’s doing all the noises in this video.  I hope it makes you smile.


One thought on “Boom Box T-Shirt

  1. Kids got mad skillz! If that doesn’t help on a Harvard application then I don’t think Harvard is worth going to!

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